LetsBang.com Review: Why It Didn’t Make The “Best” List

Review of: LetsBang.com
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LetsBang Reviewer

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On October 23, 2012
Last modified:November 14, 2012


Don't wate your time with LetsBang.com

Despite what you may have heard, LetsBang.com is NOT a good fling website. I’m just kidding, I know you haven’t heard anything positive about that website. No one speaks highly of it. In fact, I have yet to read one single positive review written. However, I don’t base my opinions of dating sites on what others say. People are biased and lie.

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I base my opinion on personal experience. I signed up for LetsBang.com and spent WAY too much time trying to meet women on it. I had absolutely NO success. It was a waste of my time. I can’t of one good thing to say about LetsBang.com after 3-months on the site.

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We didn’t like lets bang.com – Click here for real fling sites.

Our Results On LetsBang.com: Review Of Our Figures On LetsBang.com

  • 180 first emails sent
  • 10 replies received
  • 0 dates set-up
  • 0 dates showed up for
  • 0 total full closes
  • 3-month review process

There’s really nothing to say about the results. There were NO results. I spent countless hours on LetsBang.com and had very few conversations with women. And no dates. I could not possibly think of a bigger waste of time. Watching paint dry would be a better use of time.

Why LetsBang.com Is a Not Worth Joining

4 Main Reasons You Should Sign-Up for Other Fling Websites:

  1. There’s more to life than fat, nasty bitches
  2. A lot of older, washed up women
  3. High percentage chance of acquiring an STD if you bang one of the chicks on LetsBang.com
  4. This site is a piece of crap!

LetsBang.com Review: Conclusion

I didn’t fail to achieve decent results on LetsBang.com because of a lack of skill or effort. Believe me, I put in the same amount of time and effort on LetsBang.com as the other sites I reviewed. Unfortunately, there’s just no potential with this site. I sign-up for fling websites with the intention of getting laid. Isn’t that what they’re supposed to be used for?

With LetsBang.com, you don’t have a prayer in hell of getting laid unless you’re willing to settle for one of the nastiest women you’ve ever met. I mean, sure, go right ahead and fuck some disgusting looking woman that probably smells like balls. If that’s your thing, be my guest! But if you’re more into NORMAL women, sign-up for SocialSex (or a couple of the other sites we recommend) instead. You won’t have to do any settling on those sites.

Thanks for reading this letsbang review. I hope it helps clarify that letsbang is a total scam and is NOT a legit dating website and NOT for real!