Extramarital Flings: How To Hookup With Undersexed Married Women

If you’re looking for the original married fling tactic article I wrote in early 2012, read it here.

I’ve come up with a BETTER & MUCH MORE DEVIOUS fling dating strategy, so I’ve updated this article to reflect my new method for pulling younger, hotter women instead of older women that you find on affair fling dating websites.


One of the things that really pissed me off about using fling websites for married people was that the women you find on those sites aren’t ULTRA hot. They are good looking – but in general, you’re dealing with chicks that have *some* mileage. That’s great if that your thing. But given the choice, I would much prefer to sleep with a hot 25 year old than a married undersexed 35 year old.

I found out recently that there are websites where “lower-middle class” women go to so they can be taken out and shown a good time. The two main ones are Established Men and Meet Successful Men.

I called up a friend that’s very familiar with dating statistics and he told me Established Men has 3.5 : 1 women to man ratio, while Meet Successful Men stands at 3 :1.

Heres the breakdown of how how these website ratios compare to affair dating sites. You can see from the chart below that there are more women than men on these sites. That made sense to me. There are many women looking for rich men – much more so than there are wealthy available men.

male female married fling ratio

The above graph compares ratios between male and females on the dating sites discussed for married flings. You can see that “wealthy dating” websites have MORE WOMEN than men!

For those of you that know me, you know I’m not rich. But I did devise a plan to TRICK WOMEN INTO THINKING THAT I AM. You can jump to this section by clicking here. You’ll see that there’s a VERY SIMPLE METHOD by which you can come off as being wealthy.

I *FIRST* thing I noticed after signing up on Established Men and Meet Successful Men was the TYPE of women on these sites, when compared to affair websites was that the women on wealthy dating sites were HOTTER and YOUNGER. Women on affair sites are fine for a one night stand, but they are generally older and their bodies aren’t as “tight” as the young gold diggers on Established Men.

Take a look at my inbox at Established Men, when compared to my inbox at AshleyMadison.com for the same time period.

established men fling inbox

My inbox at Established Men. As you can see, there’s a wealth of pretty girls that contact you – because they *THINK* you’re rich!

ashley madison fling

My inbox at AshleyMadison.com. The women aren’t as young or pretty as on Established Men

If you simply compare the “who’s online” from both sites, you’ll clearly see that sites like Established Men and Meet Successful Men simply have hotter & younger women.

whos online 1

This is the typical type of women that are online on Established Men.

whos online 2

Compare this “who’s online” list to the one from Established Men above – you’ll see a major quality difference!

The women on Established Men and Meet Successful Men want to be wined, dined and brought to a few spots in town – because their typical “dates” involve the words “would you like to supersize your fries & coke”.

They are are gold diggers “in training”. Their existing situation sucks and they just want to get away form their shitty apartments / jobs / lives, if only for a few hours. I’m going to bet that “Sex And The City“, Paris Hilton and the show with those Kardashian whores has a lot to do with creating that gold digger mindset. Women that are piss-poor watch these shows and WANT what these women have. And they are willing to put out to get it and “play the rich guys date”.

MY LIGHTBULB MOMENT: You Can Use This To Sleep With HOTTER Women If You Pretent To Be Wealthy – And That’s INCREDIBLY EASY TO DO!

It goes without saying that I’m not rich. But I started thinking … hmmmmmmmm – I COULD ***PRETEND*** to be wealthy. Would I be able to get away with banging these gold-diggers-in-training WITHOUT having to deal with the day-to-day drama that comes with such high-maintenance women.

In a stroke of brilliance like I’ve never had before, here’s exactly what I did:

  1. Setup my profile as being from out of town: I live and work in Manhattan. That’s where I wanted to meet these girls, but I didn’t want them to THINK I was in the city all the time – because these types of girls have a tendency to get “clingy” very quickly. So I setup my dating profiles on Established Men and Meet Successful Men to say that I was from Newburgh, NY (that’s roughly a 1.5 hour drive to Manhattan) – and travel to NYC often
  2. Stated the following in my profile:
    1. That I am in NYC on business quite often, and I like the company of a cool woman with little attachment.
    2. That while I am in NYC, I work a lot and I love to spend time with ladies that know how to enjoy the finer things in life in MY spare time.
    3. That I always show my ladies (plural) a great time while I’m in town.
  3. Used my best pictures in-profile: And I did some really sneaky shit here. I’d stand in front of Harley’s that weren’t mine and gets pics taken. I did the same with a Ferrari I happened to pass while it was parked in Manhattan. Essentially – you can EASILY create a good repertoire of pictures easily, if you have none. Just make sure you use “polished” pictures that show you in a good light, preferably wearing a suit.

The above strategy worked really well. It’s the perfect setup because it allowed me to:

  1. Leverage what I already know: I already had “contacts” in a few good bars and restaurants.
  2. Be left alone when I want to be: Because I was from “out of town” I was easily able to ONLY see these women whenever ***I*** wanted to with some advanced planning.
  3. Maintain complete control over the relationship: If I wanted it to end, because of whatever reason – I’d just say that I wasn’t travelling to town anymore.

Of course, the last thing was to make sure I had a hotel room booked in the city – because I wasn’t about to bring these chicks back to my apartment. So I used Hot Wire and Priceline to find cheap (but nice) hotel rooms at rock-bottom prices. The added bonus is that these places don’t show the HOTEL NAME on your credit card receipt, so you’re be safe there. You only need to tell your wife you’re heading out on business and one night, and you’re all set.

ADDITIONAL IMPORTANT TIP: In order to avoid flaky women cancelling on me at the last minute and being STUCK WITH A HOTEL ROOM, I would schedule 3 dates on the same day. The girl I wanted to meet the most would be scheduled for 6:00 PM and tad that she should “text me when she’d be on her way”. The other two dates would be set for 9:00 PM. If I got a text from the first girl, I would cancel the two late dates under the pretext I had an emergency at home and needed to drive back home urgently. This avoided me from getting to get stuck with a pre-paid room with no fling in sight.

So there you have it guys. My friend have been able to replicate this exact method quite a few times using Established Men and Meet Successful Men. It’s by far the best and most evil strategy I’ve ever come up with for getting laid. Ever!

Go forth and conquer, young grasshopper!

Below is the ORIGINAL article I wrote on my extramarital fling strategy using married dating sites

Have you ever fantasized about sleeping with a hot married chick? That was something I had always dreamed of. Really, I’m not even sure why. But there was something about knowing I was fucking some pathetic guy’s woman that seemed hot. Unfortunately, I never really attempted to get with any married women mostly because I figured it was hard to pull off. That’s when I discovered married fling dating sites and realized I was completely clueless.

Women that are stuck in shitty marriages are the easiest women to bang if you can find them. They are so desperate for sex and craving lust in a way few single women are. There is a reason that more than HALF of married women in the United States have an affair at some point in their marriage. Most of the time, it’s due to a lack of a good sex life. The other main reason is because they want to get revenge on their husband for cheating. And we’re right there to give them the opportunity. Either way, these type of women are very easy to have a extramarital flings with. It’s easier than stealing candy from a baby. All you have to do is sign-up for the right site promoting flings for married people.

Choosing the Gem in the Middle of a Stack of Cubic Zirconia’s

I couldn’t even guess how many married fling dating sites have been created. There are at least 200, and probably many more. The truth almost all of those sites are complete garbage. There are only 2 great sites and 1 smaller site that is solid. This industry is filled with scams and it’s very important for you to not fall for any of the gimmicks created by these extramarital hookup sites. You could end up being out a shit ton of money without ever getting laid. You may even become a victim of identity theft if you’re not careful. That is why we recommend you ONLY consider the following the 3 sites…

What makes these sites different from the rest? They aren’t scams. They are sites that give single and married men a legitimate shot of hooking up with an attractive married woman. We have tested out these sites over a period of 3 months. Here are our results…


Here are our results of the top married fling dating websites for marital affairs. Our results on these married fling sites show that these are great  to pick up bored married women!!

Married Fling Site Rating Our Ranking Emails Sent Replies Gotten Dates Setup Dates Showed Up Full Lays Visit Website
affairs club logo #1 180 139 12 10 7 AffairsClub (by FreeHookups.com)
ashley madison logo #2 180 130 11 9 6 AshleyMadison.com
married date link logo #3 180 119 9 8 5 MarriedDateLink.com


AffairsClub is the best site because our results were the best. However, you should expect great results on either AshleyMadison or MarriedDateLink as well. You really can’t go wrong with any of these sites. But I definitely would not suggest ONLY using AffairsClub. It’s a smaller site with less women. So if you sign-up for AffairsClub, make sure you complement it with one of the remaining two sites. You will maximize your potential and female pipeline with this strategy.

Getting Inside the Mind of a Married Woman: What She’s Looking For

Every woman you encounter on married fling sites has a reason for wanting to step outside her marriage for sex. Sometimes they’re too ashamed of the reason to be honest with you. But most of the time they will. I’ve heard every excuse in the books.

My husband won’t go down on me because he has a weak stomach”

My husband hasn’t put out in 3 months”

My husband cheated on me and now I want to get back at him”

I really don’t care what her excuse is. If she’s willing to go so far as to sign-up for one of these sites, she’s down to fuck. Married women don’t just look around and see what’s out there. Single women occasionally do. But married women that sign-up for a hookup site have already determined they’re ready to fuck someone else. If she’s reached this point, she’s beyond the, “I’m not sure if I should go through with this” stage. That’s good news for you because it means she’s going to be easy to hookup with.

Okay, now that you know where to meet married women (sites listed above), let’s discuss what a married woman is looking for and why she’s looking for it. You have to be able to get inside her head in order to know which buttons to push. It really is quite simple – she’s unsatisfied sexually or pissed off at her husband for some reason. It’s one or the other, and sometimes both. You need to find the exact reason out right away.

Once you’ve determined her motive, you have to find out specifically what she’s looking for. To do this, simply ask her. Is she wanting a regular fuck buddy? Does she want a guy to hookup with once a month? Is she just wanting a one-time thing? The reason it’s important to find this out is so you’ll know if she’s even worth it. Some married women aren’t worth the time even if they’re attractive. Which brings me to my next point…

Find out her schedule BEFORE meeting her…

One mistake I’ve made in the past is getting with a married chick that had too busy of a schedule for us to be able to hookup more than once a month. If you want something regular, find out the following…

  • Does she have kids? If so, how old are they and how easily can she leave the kids alone with the father so she can go out?
  • What is her work schedule?
  • How close is her house to yours?
  • What other activities consume her time?

If she has 6 kids, works a 9-5, lives 40 miles away, and volunteers at Church on Sunday’s, she’s going to be a pain in the ass. Even if she desperately needed some cock, she’ll never have time for it. Go after the married women that only have 1-2 kids, don’t work a full-time job, and have a husband that allows her to leave the house without him on occasion. If she’s home alone during the day, it will work out perfectly if she’s willing to let you come over.

Most married women, however, will not allow a guy to even know where they live. And I completely understand and respect that. So you’ll probably have to be able to host or get a hotel. Regardless, it’s still best if she has plenty of alone time. Not every married woman will and that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t attempt to hookup with busy chicks. Unless she has a ridiculously busy schedule and a jealous husband, you can find time for each other.

Comparing Married Women Looking for Hookups to Single Women

I’m not going to lie to you, most of the married women you will encounter aren’t quite as hot as a single 20-something chick. These are attractive MILF’s that are MUCH better in bed than single women. They are so sex starved that they are willing to do ANYTHING to get it. Sure, there are plenty of butt ugly married women on these sites, but they’re easy to avoid.

Go after the pretty ones that are fed up with their husband. They’re easy to get in bed. You simply have to tell her what you will do for her, not just what you want her to do for you. You see, these women have spent years being unselfish and not receiving as much as they are giving. They want a sexual experience that is beneficial to both parties – the way it should be. If she feels that you’re a selfish guy, she won’t be interested in having sex with you.

Most married women are unable to go out to bars to meet men. Single women can. That’s why it’s even easier to find hookups with married chicks online. It’s far too risky for a married woman to go out to bars looking for hookups. There’s a chance someone that she could run into someone she knows. Plus, people do stupid shit when they’re drunk. She might get liquored up and slip up and leave a paper trail for her husband to find out about the affair. Bars are horrible places for married women to look for sex.

Married Women Look for a Guy that Can Fulfill a Fantasy

She’s probably tired of being treated like shit if her husband even gives her any attention at all. Now she’s out looking to fulfill a fantasy. That fantasy is to hookup with a guy – usually younger than her – that knows how to please a woman. You must be able to prove to her that you are not a disgusting pervert, immature, and are interesting. Remember, she’s bored of her husband. You need to be a fun guy that is all about giving a woman great pleasure.

The fantasy begins when she first views your profile. Read through our singles fling guide for profile creation advice. Use the same strategies. Your profile pictures are very important, so make sure they are decent. Even if you’re not the best looking guy, chances are you’re more attractive than her 45-year spouse that she no longer cares to bang. Most married women prefer their married flings to be with single men. Think about it – she’s stuck in a shitty marriage with a man that has no interest in satisfying her. Why would she want to hookup with another married man? You have an edge on these sites simply because you’re single. And if you aren’t single, you should create a profile that suggests you are.