From First Date to Sex: Planning Your First Date for a Fling

Having sex on the first date is almost inevitable if there is chemistry. Never believe a woman that says she won’t put out on a first date. Very few women on dating websites for flings won’t at least give a guy a blowjob if the date is going well. They use the “I don’t fuck on a first date” comment online as a built-in excuse just in case she ends up not liking you. So if the date goes poorly and you offer to take her back to your place, she can say, “I told you I don’t have sex on a first date”.

Women that sign up for these sites want to fuck. And they don’t want to wait forever to get some. They will fuck. You just have to know how to get them into your bed. It’s all about planning ahead. EXPECT to get laid on every first date. The location should be within close proximity to your house and…

  • Have an intimate setting
  • Not be too crowded
  • Be an enjoyable place to visit
  • Not a place most people go for dinner
Bad first dates do happen - follow this guide to avoid the bad ones!

Don’t bother with dinner – try a lounge instead. It’s easier and there’s less pressure!

You take a potential girlfriend out for dinner – not a potential fuck buddy. Dinner is an activity you do with someone you want to really get to know. You’re having sex with this woman and nothing more. Why go out for dinner and sit around talking about your life stories? My expectations of a woman I’m only interested in sleeping with are that she’s attractive, available, disease-free, and not screwed up in the head. I don’t care if she likes hiking, basketball, and long walks on the beach. That shit isn’t important.

Plus, dinner is a long activity that requires you to be a great conversationalist or you’ll lose her interest. So take her to a quiet lounge … AFTER dinner, but before the busy time. Find the closest decent bar. If it has comfortable chairs and/or couches, great. If not, make do with what you have. Preferably, choose a bar that has dim lighting just in case you’re not the best looking guy. There’s a reason most bars are dark.

Don’t fuck around: Drink, chat, and get her back to your place ASAP

Like I said, there’s no need for small talk and discussions about future goals, interests, and passions. Sit down CLOSE to her, have a drink (you pay for hers too), humor her a bit, smile when you talk, and get the fuck out of there (with her, of course). There’s no reason you shouldn’t have her back at your place within an hour after meeting if you go somewhere nearby. 5 minutes of introducing each other, 30 minutes of drinking and flirting, and however long it takes to drive back to your place.

If you don’t have her back to your place within an hour, you need to step up your game. It’s not hard to convince her to go home with you if she’s into you. So don’t be afraid to ask. A simple, “I’d love to continue this conversation at my place” works every time. There’s nothing to it. Don’t beat around the bush. Don’t start hinting at continuing the date at your place. Straight up tell her you want her to come back home with you.