Basic Fling Dating Strategy: Use AT LEAST Two Fling Websites

The best fling dating strategy (this also goes for married flings) we can provide you with is to use multiple fling websites. If that sounds too expensive, it isn’t. These sites are very cheap and there’s great value in using this strategy on fling dating sites. There are many reasons this is a good strategy. First off, there is great competition on each fling dating site. One site is usually not enough.

If you’re using multiple sites (2-3 is recommended), you’ll have an insane amount of women to connect with. Very few women sign-up for different sites. They typically stick to just one. So you will have a chance to contact more women if you’re using 2-3 sites. But the main reason you need to use a few sites is so you’ll always have a replacement girl if things don’t work out with the first one.

You can never guarantee that you’re going to score with any given woman. There are many factors come into play. She might not end up liking you offline as much as she did online. She could be on her period. She might just be having a bad day. She may decide that the other guy(s) she met are more appealing. You will occasionally screw things up on accident on a date. And there will be times where you ended up not liking her.

So what will you do if things don’t work out on a first date? Well, besides going home to jerk off! If you only use one fling dating for adults site, you might end up having to spend more time trying to find someone. Now let’s say you have been using a few sites AT ONCE. Chances are you’ll have someone else on speed dial. It sucks when a first date goes poorly, but you’ll get over it in about 10 seconds if you have a replacement.

Who Says You Can Only Sleep With One Girl?

man surrounded by women from fling sites

To play the game most effectively, use a multi-vector attack strategy when it comes to fling sites.

It’s not only about having a replacement fuck buddy should things go bad with your first choice. Some of us like having more than one girl to hookup with. I don’t know about you, but I like to get laid daily. When it comes to friends with benefits, it’s hard to find someone that’s willing to put out daily. So I keep 2-3 women around. I never have to worry about finding someone to fuck on any given day. If Girl #1 is on the rage this week and Girl #2 is having Baby Daddy issues, I’ll call up Girl #3 to give me some lovin’ while Girl #1 and Girl #2 are working out their issues.

Choose Between ONLY These 5 Fling Websites

Everything else is just an imposter. There isn’t a single male reading this article that cannot get laid REGULARLY if they are using 2-3 of those sites. They are all very cheap and high-quality. Lots of attractive women looking to hookup RIGHT AWAY. For $30-$40 per month, it’s a whole hell of a lot cheaper than going out to bars every week looking for skanks to bang. And it’s a lot easier to hookup with women on these sites than in an intimidating atmosphere such as a bar. I hope you will follow these fling dating tactics and have pussy on the reg!