Easiest Path to Having a Fling: Spotting Vulnerable Chicks on Fling Sites

I can spot an easy chick online from a mile away. It’s almost become a natural talent. Now I’m going to share with you my secrets on how I determine if a woman is or is not easy from her profile. The easiest way to find a fling is to spot the women that are so desperate for some cock that they can’t go another day without it. There are certain women online that may as well change their profile tagline to “NEED SOME DICK NOW!”

There’s always an exception to the rule but, generally speaking, it’s very simple to spot the easy chicks. You just have to know what to look for. For me to learn this trick, it took a year or so of experience. This section will help teach you in a matter of 10 minutes how to spot the easiest lays off fling sites The first thing we must discuss is why certain women become easy.

Men Turn Women With Low Self-Esteem Into Desperate Whores

Males are the root of all evil sometimes. Many of the women you will meet online have a disturbing history with men. Much of that is their own fault. You see, when a woman constantly complains about how she’s fed up with men cheating on her, most of the time she’s at fault. Many of these women that are always cheated on, only go after players. They’re just not intelligent enough to figure it out.

fling revenge

Vulnerable women are the easiest targets for getting paid. In particular, the woman above would qualify as a prime candidate for a “revenge fuck”!

What does this info matter to you? Well, the truth about most women on fling websites is they are desperate for sex because of some reason related to their past history with men. They don’t want a relationship because of this history, but they need to get off. These women generally have low self-esteem. Women that date “bad boys” usually have low self-esteem. They go after the bad boy type because they find these guys hot and being with a hot guy makes them feel good. The problem is these guys end up playing them.

Why are women with low self-esteem perfect fuck buddies? Because they need sex desperately and are willing to lower their standards in order to get it. This is why looks are unimportant (other than dressing nice and having good hygiene) when it comes to fling sites. You might be thinking to yourself, “why would I want to fuck a chick with low self-esteem?” And to that I’ll respond with a question, “why not?”

You’re not looking for a long-term relationship. This is simply an arrangement where you and a female get together for a physical connection. Her self-esteem, interests, education, etc. mean jack shit. If she has high self-esteem, will the sex with her be any better? Hell no! In fact, it might be worse. These women are wild bitches that love some rough sex. They are awesome lays because they have so much anger to let out. Here’s a list of the main reasons men turn women into desperate, sex craving whores…

  • Cheating – He cheated and now she wants to get revenge by sleeping with a random stranger.
  • Don’t Put Out– Married women are great fucks if you can find them. When the hubby isn’t putting out and she needs to get her rocks off, the Internet is where she’ll go to find someone that will put out.
  • Suck In Bed– A married or taken woman that’s stuck in a relationship with a guy that sucks in bed will become desperate for good sex.
  • Can’t Find Sex – You’d be surprised how many attractive single women fail to find a hookup. They’re horny and need to fuck NOW.

Easiest Way to Have a Fling Online: 3 Questions That Guarantee She’s Easy

The better you are at spotting easy girls on fling sites, the sooner you will get laid. After you’ve introduced yourself to her and begin chatting on IM/text, ask these 3 questions to find out if she’s down to fuck right away…

-“Why did you sign-up for (site name)?”

-“How has your sex life been recently?”

-“Are most guys you’ve been with good in bed?”

These are great questions to ask because they give away her intentions. The first question is the most important because you can gage her true interest in having a sex buddy. If she says that she’s not really sure why she signed up, that’s a bad sign. But if she mentions how she wants to get back at someone or she’s been sex deprived, that’s a good sign.

The remaining two questions are to simply find out about her past. If she hasn’t been satisfied with the sex she’s been receiving lately, this is good for you. It’s a perfect opportunity for you to assure her that you “love to please a woman”. If she mentions that she hasn’t been getting laid much recently, that means she needs some cock and she’s probably not going to sit around too long waiting for someone to offer it up.