Profile Pictures 101: A Picture is Worth a BILLION Words

You can be the most charming man with the greatest personality. Unfortunately, personality only matters if you can PHYSICALLY attract a woman first. You see, men that can’t attract women physically never get a shot to show off their awesome personality. I hope I haven’t scared you away. You CAN attract women with your looks. I don’t even need to see a picture of you. I have yet to meet any guys that couldn’t attract a woman online … with their LOOKS. Think I’m crazy? Think only the naturally handsome men attract women? You have much to learn, young lad!

Women are visual creatures. They will NOT hookup with a man that is not pleasant to look at. Just like men do not date women that aren’t nice to look at. However, women look for different physical traits in men than men do in women. You probably stare at her ass, tits, legs, and face. Nothing else matters much to us. If she has a hot ass and a nice rack, we’ll hit it. Women look for PERSONALITY when checking out a guy.

What I mean is they judge your personality based on how you dress, smile, and take care of yourself. Most women don’t judge you based on your natural appearance. Yes, some women are incredibly shallow and absolutely will not touch a man that wasn’t born with perfect looks. Who gives a shit about them? If you’re not a natural stud, you have the ability to hookup with the majority, not the minority. So when you upload your fling online dating profile picture, it’s important to show off your personality in your photo.

Showing off your personality without coming off as a douche

How do you show personality in your fling site profile pictures? Dressing to your persona, smiling, and taking pictures in interesting locations. It’s all about how you project yourself, not about the bone structure in your face and the size of your nose, eyes, lips, and chin. Work with what you have. You can control more about your appearance than you think. Most guys that are not naturally attractive do not understand this. Nor do they understand what women really are attracted to.

Can a naturally ugly guy score with a perfect 10? Sure, but it’s a 1 in a million chance. But a guy that wasn’t blessed with natural good looks most certainly can bang a 5,6,7, and maybe even sometimes an 8. If you’re an average looking guy (so, most of society), you can easily get the 5’s, 6’s, 7’s, 8’s, an possibly even 9’s. If you have boyish good looks, there’s no reason you aren’t ALWAYS banging 8’s, 9’s, and 10’s. I don’t care what your natural born looks are – you have no one but YOURSELF to blame if you’re not only getting laid, but getting laid by at least average looking women. Let’s take a look at ways to show off your personality in profile pictures on fling websites

  • Wearing a nice shirt that matches your personality
  • Taking pics in cool locations. If your profile content indicates you’re a risk taker, then take a picture of yourself having fun in a casino. If you’re more conservative, take a picture of yourself hiking, climbing mountains, or playing sports.

Personality is everything even when it comes to physical attraction. A less physically attractive man can become more attractive to women simply by showing off his fun personality. Make sure you take into consideration the type of women you want to attract. If you’re going after the Girl Next Door type, you should go for more of a classy, confident personality as opposed to the bad boy look. Women are blinded by great personalities because they see this type of man as someone they can have fun with. Personality will automatically make you more attractive.

More Tips for Perfecting Your Profile Pictures on a Fling Dating Site

I may have made it seem simple to become physically attractive online. Don’t kid yourself, it’s more difficult than just taking a picture with the right type of outfit on in the right location. You also must do the following…

  • Get a nice haircut and make sure it’s combed PERFECTLY before taking any pictures.
  • Clean up any skin issues (i.e. acne) first.
  • If you are overweight, get into shape. With the help of a proper diet and exercise routine, you can lose 15-20 pounds easily in no time.
  • If your teeth are yellow and/or stained, get some whitening strips or go to the dentist. It doesn’t take more than a week or so to get white teeth.
  • SMILE!

Women are attracted to men that take care of themselves. It shows women that you’re lazy if you’re well overweight, have horrible skin, and your teeth are bright yellow. Get those things fixed if they are a problem. Don’t take any pictures until you do. Like I said, ALL of those improvements can be made in a short period of time. Take responsibility for your appearance and you WILL get laid.

My final advice has to do with picture quantity. One picture is NEVER enough. On all 5 of the sites we recommend, you can upload many different photos. Take AT LEAST 5 different pics. You should have close-ups of your face and body (fully clothed) from different angles. Don’t try to hide anything. She will eventually see you in person and discover your flaws. It’s best to let them be seen online so she isn’t disappointed. Focus more on your positive aspects and she’ll overlook the flaws.