Profile Marketing 101: Creating a Magnetic Dating Profile For Fling Sites

Fling dating sites are excellent places to find a hookup. Well, unless you’re really bad at marketing. Having some marketing skills will come in handy. But if you flunked Marketing 101 in High School, don’t worry, we’re going to show you a few tricks. Successful online hookup specialists create profiles like they would a marketing campaign for a business. The concept is the same. The goal of marketing is to attract people to your product. In this case, YOU are the product.

Women aren’t as visual as men. They really just want to fuck a guy that takes care of himself and has the personality to back his looks up. Yes, being a handsome guy with 6-pack abs will put you at an advantage. But being a disgusting pervert with no class will ruin your chances with women regardless of your looks. Therefore, when writing your fling online dating profile, present yourself well and sell your positive traits.

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This is a good example of what NOT to do. Don’t create shitty profiles on fling dating websites. It reduces your chances of getting laid to ZERO.

Selling your positive traits is the key to successful marketing. Take Coca-Cola for example. That shit tastes delicious, right? But it’s not healthy. The Coca-Cola Bottling Company mentions absolutely NOTHING about the nutritional value in their ads. Instead, they focus on how tasty and fun it is to drink. On the flipside, a healthy drink that tastes like balls would be marketed the exact opposite way. On your fling dating profile, you should avoid showing off your bad side (literally and figuratively) and hammer out all of your positive traits.

Your Profile is Who You Are, Even If It Isn’t

This is something I learned early on in my online dating life. You can be anything you want to be online. You can portray yourself as a total badass or a nice guy. It doesn’t even matter if that is who you really are. However, once you create a dating profile, the persona you lead on must be the type of person you become when you meet women offline. So if you’re going for the bad boy act online, if you show up for a date in preppy clothes and act like a complete gentleman, you won’t get laid.

Your profile is you whether or not it truly is. When you meet women, that’s how you must act. So you better be damn sure you can pull off the type of persona you portray yourself in your profile. I would suggest being yourself as much as possible because it’s hard to pretend to be someone else. If you don’t think yourself is good enough to attract women, try being yourself only more confident. There’s not a guy out there that can’t attract women with a little confidence. The one exception is if you are a nice guy and want to bang chicks with tattoos and piercings. In this case, you need to play off the bad boy act.

Confidence is a Powerful Marketing Tool

You can have a hot body and boyish good looks, but that won’t matter if you have no confidence. Your profile absolutely must show women you are confident in your skin. Women on fling websites are looking for quick hookups with a sexy man. There is NOTHING sexier than confidence. Confidence can make an ugly guy average, an average guy cute, and a cute guy hot. It’s that sexy.

I look at using confidence as a way to mindfuck women into thinking I’m hotter than I really am. Let’s go back to the objective of an online dating profile. You’re trying to market yourself as best as you possibly can. If your profile shows that you have a strong, confident personality and your picture is decent, there’s absolutely NO way women won’t contact you. A great profile – much like a killer ad – won’t guarantee you get laid. But it will get you in the door. After that, you have to know how to chat with women. We have plenty of advice on that on this website.

Interests” and “Descriptions” That NEVER Fail

There are a million ways to explain who you are and what you’re looking for in your profile. Some are poor ways to explain. Others are good. What works best for us is when we write content that is witty, positive, and shows that we’re confident. I’m not going to copy and paste any of our full profiles, but I will give you some examples that work well…


  • “I don’t like sitting around watching TV all day (unless I’m in bed with a pretty lady, of course). I’d rather be outside on my 4-wheeler or doing things my Momma would have grounded me for when I was a kid!”
  • “I work hard, I play hard, and I’m always…gotcha! Bet you’re shocked I’m not a complete pervert! Truth is, I like hanging out with classy women, so I’m not going to stoop to childish levels.”


  • “Let’s be honest here – we’re all mostly just looking for sex. But here’s the thing. I want a woman that can satisfy my mind as much as my body. There’s nothing sexier than a woman with personality. So, yes, I WILL bang your personality!”
  • “If sex is on your mind 24/7, you’re not my type. If having great sex AND going out and having a good time every now and again is what you want, all you need is a kickass personality and we’ll get along just fine!”