These Three Messages Guarantee She’ll Reply – First Fling Email 101

Getting a woman to respond to your fling dating email is a skill you MUST master. It’s really not hard, but requires a bit of creativity. Mastering the first email on a fling dating sites 75% of the skills you need to get laid.

Once you’ve perfected your craft in this area, everything else will fall into place. Knowing what to say on a fling dating site email requires an understanding of what women look for in an email. They look for these qualities…

  • Message that makes her laugh
  • Message that makes her smile
  • Message that is original
  • Message that is personalized
  • Message that doesn’t appear canned
  • Message that gives her a reason to respond
  • Message that is not too long or too short
  • Message that doesn’t appear written by a complete fucking moron
bad first impression

You will ONLY get one chance to make a good first impression. And that will be done by email – so make sure you don’t screw it up with bad opener emails.

Your message MUST have ALL of those qualities. That may seem like a lot of work, but it really isn’t. After you get the hang of it, knowing what to say in an email will come naturally. Let’s take a look at how to hit the head on the nail with each of those email qualities…

Make her laugh: Non-offensive humor that is not a cheesy pick-up line

Make her smile: Give her a compliment that does not include a reference to her tits, ass, or legs

Original: If you copy and paste something, make sure it is…

Personalized: Mention something specific from her profile (i.e. an interest)

Not Perverted: Just because she’s looking for sex doesn’t mean she wants graphic details of what you plan on doing to her before she gets to know you

Not a Canned Message: Don’t make it seem like the same message you’ve sent to 100 other women (even if you have)

Reason to Respond: Don’t forget a call-to-action (question or comment worth responding to)

Message Length: Emails that are too short don’t give her enough information, emails that are too long will put her to sleep

Intelligent Email: Women don’t want to fuck a dipshit, so make sure your words are spelled correctly and your grammar doesn’t make her wonder if you need to go back to High School and retake an English class

Examples of First Emails You Should NEVER Use

Before we show you the emails that worked, take a look at these 3 emails. Pay attention to how they were written. Then go back to the top of this article and determine how many of the qualities above were incorporated into those emails. Hint: not very many!

Shitty Email #1

Hey babe, you are so incredibly SEXY! What an amazing body you’ve got. Oh, and a pretty face! I’m not sure what you’ve got going on this weekend, but what do you say we hookup?”

Why this email is terrible

Where to start! First off, it’s a bit too short. There’s no humor mixed in either. Plus, he complimented her body and not her style, eyes, etc. There’s also no personalization here. It seems like this email was probably sent to a gazillion different women. That won’t make her feel special. There really is no reason for her to email him back.

Shitty Email #2

I was checking out your profile and my first thought was that I’d love to bend your ass over and fuck you so hard. God damn woman you are so unbelievably sexy. Your ass gives me a boner just thinking about. And that’s a very big boner, by the way. My dick is 7 inches. If you love a nice, big hard cock, I’m your guy! I’m a total pleaser too. I don’t ever finish until my woman gets off. I’m not a selfish guy. If you’re interested in getting to know me and getting that pretty pink pussy of yours pounded hard, hit me up!”

Why this email is terrible

This was an overly perverted email. Yes, she just wants sex from the guy. But she doesn’t know him yet. Women are not impressed by men that are this upfront about what they want to do sexually. You cannot come off as a total pervert or they will never respond.

Shitty Email #3

“Hi there! I’m a 29 year old male that lives in Dallas. I’m not your typical guy on here. I am just looking for a friends with benefits relationship, but I would like to focus on the ‘friends’ part of it just as much as the ‘benefits’ part. It’s important for me to get to know you as a person in order to fully enjoy the sex. Let’s chat sometime!”

Why this email is terrible

It’s not perverted and this does seem like a classy guy, but it’s too boring and unoriginal. There’s no mention of anything from her profile so how would she know this guy isn’t sending this same email to 50 other women? It would be easy to copy and paste this message to every woman on the site. Very little personality is shown from this email. No real reason for her to want to respond unless she’s fat and ugly, and therefore has no other options.

Examples of First Emails That Get Responses (We Have Proof!)

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