Warning Signs: Spotting Fake Fling Profiles & Female Scammers

The fling dating industry is filled with scams. They’re very difficult to avoid, especially if you aren’t signing up for one of the 5 sites we recommend (SocialSex.com, GetItOn.com, XXXMatch.com, AdultFriendFinder.com, and Xpress.com). Unfortunately, there are scammers out there that take advantage of the suckers. They do it because they know they can get away with it. Scamming men on a fling dating site is easy.

Why is it so easy? Because most of the sites don’t care to prevent it. In fact, most of them are a part of the scam (see below). Because the sites don’t work to prevent scams, scam artists control the sites even if the fling dating site isn’t involved. They scam you in many different ways, which you will learn from this article. I’m also going to show you how to spot a scam and prevent yourself from becoming a victim. And, yes, many of these scams can be harmful to you financially. This is serious stuff. Please do not take the fling dating tips in this article lightly.

female scammer online

In general, if it’s too good to be true, it probably is. We shouldn’t have to say this, but NEVER send money to women you’ve met on fling dating sites.

No profile is the same. There are some profiles I look at and think, “there’s no way in hell that’s a real chick”. There are many fake profiles on fling sites. The purpose of creating fake profiles is to make the fling site more appealing. More profiles with attractive women leads to more men signing up. That’s more money for the site. Fake profiles are always of stunningly beautiful women. So if you see a profile with a fat chick, it’s not a fake profile. It wouldn’t make sense to create a fake profile with a fat chick in it.

However, just because the woman in the profile picture is attractive doesn’t mean it’s a fake. There are MANY very attractive women on fling websites. They are generally 6’s, 7’s, and 8’s, with the occasional 9 mixed in. When we performed reviews of these fling sites, we never once hooked up with a woman we didn’t find attractive. But most were in the 6-8 range. Obviously, there are also many BBW’s on fling websites if that’s what you find attractive. The signs of an a fake profile include the following…

Pornstar Look: comes to them. If she has no physical flaws and there are pictures of her giving a blowjob, it’s a fake – every time. These are profiles created to sucker you into signing up, thinking you’ll get a chance to bang the sexiest woman alive. You’re not going to fuck her because she’s not really a member of that site.

Minimal Content: Not every fake profile is of a perfect 10. Sometimes, fake profiles are of the 8’s or 9’s. Personally, I think dating sites are dumb to create profiles with women most men know they have no shot with. So why not create profiles of cute women that are attainable? The fake profiles with women that are 7’s, 8’s, or 9’s generally have very little content. There might be one short sentence saying something like, “I’m a horny girl that wants to ride a big cock”. Women that are real and serious about hooking up almost always say more than that in their profile.

Other Online Dating Scams and How to Spot Them

As mentioned earlier, the dating sites aren’t always involved in the scams. Sometimes they just turn their backs on them. Fake profiles are harmless to you other than being an annoyance. At most, you’re out the $20-$40 you spent signing up for the dating site. But if you become a victim of the following scams, I can assure you you’ll be out MUCH more than that…

“I Love America” Scam: She’s a hot foreigner. She’s totally into you. Your eyes light up the sky. Your hair is so sexy. You have an amazing body. If a foreign woman – or, should I say, a “woman” that appears to be foreign – gives you these type of compliments and you know damn well you’re not a hot sexy stud…WATCH OUT! Also, look out for comments about how much she just loves America. Why should you fear this scam? She may ask you for travel money to come see you. Except she won’t actually use that money for travel.

How to Avoid the Scam: Never agree to give a woman you’ve never met travel money to come see you. If you’re hooking up with an out-of-towner and have met her a few times, feel free to send her travel money. You can spend your money however you want to. Just not until you get to know her.

“Let’s Fuck Now” Scam: There is no better place for a Hooker/Escort to find clients than fling sites. Therefore, you need to be on the lookout for them. Hookers are easy to spot. They are very direct. They want to fuck you right away. No getting to know each other over IM or email. They’re looking to suck your dick 5 minutes after first contact. And they NEVER mention anything about what you can do for them. It’s all about what they can do for you.

How to Avoid the Scam: In the event that you don’t spot a Hooker online, once you meet her and she asks you for money, tell her to “get fucked” and then leave. To avoid wasting your time meeting a Hooker, don’t agree to meet someone until you’ve gotten to know her a bit online.