Before You Start: Learning to Avoid Fling Dating Scams

What are “fling online dating scams”? Our definition is any website that is filled with fake profiles, very few members that are regularly active on the site, hookers, or any site that makes it virtually impossible for men to get laid. Unfortunately, fling dating scams are almost everywhere. Most sites do NOTHING to try to prevent them. They’re too busy taking your money to give a shit about what’s going on with their website. All they care about is making money. If their customers get laid in the process, that’s great. If not, they couldn’t give a fuck.

So you’re on your own trying to avoid these scams. That’s what this article was written for: to ensure you never become a victim of any adult fling scams. The first step towards avoiding scams is to sign-up for one of these 5 fling websites…

Spotting a Scam: Trust Your Instincts

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Learn to spot fling online dating scams. For a list of scam fling sites, see this page

We don’t have to tell you that when something seems too good to be true, it usually is. Fling websites work hard to lure you in. They’ll use every trick in the books to get you to sign-up. Sadly enough, most of those tricks work. There are a lot of suckers out there. We don’t want you to become one of them. Here is a list of the things you should be on the lookout for…

Perfect “10’s”: Do you really think Supermodels and porn stars are signing up for fling websites? Women that look too good to be true really are online. That’s not to say attractive women don’t use fling websites. They do. But if she looks way out of everyone’s league, it’s a fake profile.

All-About-You Profiles: Women sign-up for fling websites because they are sex starved. They want a man that will please them. So when you see a profile that ONLY mentions what she will do for you, it’s probably an Escort/Hooker. Women being paid to have sex only care about satisfying the customer. Unless you want to pay for sex, you better avoid the Hookers.

Women Looking For Travel Money: It’s not uncommon for a guy to find a fling with a woman from another city. There’s nothing wrong with that. In fact, this is often a smart idea if you only want a one-a-month type situation. But there’s something you should know. There are female scammers out there that pretend they can’t afford to travel to see you. So they ask you for travel money. NEVER pay for travel expenses for anyone you haven’t met. After you’ve hooked up a couple of times, go right ahead. But never for a first date because you just never know if she’s going to just pocket that money and never come see you.

Scams can be avoided. Obviously, the best way to prevent becoming a victim to fling online dating scams is to only sign-up for the sites we recommend. We’ve spent enough time on those sites to know they’re 100% legit. But you should always be on the lookout for the above listed signs of an online scam.