How to Have a Fling: The Guide To Consistently Finding, Meeting & Dating Women From The Comfort Of Your Living Room!

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Welcome to the fling tactics guide!

There’s no denying it. Average looking men struggle to get laid and have trouble having flings. It’s easy for women, but slightly harder for men. It’s one of those depressing facts of life that sucks. Average looking men not getting laid is as common as the sun rising in the morning. There is reason for that. But probably not what you think. Average guys suck with women. They don’t suck with women because of their looks. They can’t get laid because they don’t know how. They don’t know what women look for and they don’t know how to attract women through ways other than their looks.

You might be thinking to yourself that when it comes to hookups, women go for looks more than personality. And that thought process does make sense. But it’s not true. Guys that don’t know how to have flings with girls usually aren’t getting laid because they assume they’re not hot enough for women. Even most women that just want to fuck care MOSTLY about personality. Sure, some women are shallow bitches. Who cares? Sex with a shallow whore isn’t fun anyway. These women are all about themselves. They think that the man should feel privileged to have sex with them, so they don’t bother trying to please the man.

Here’s the guide to follow if you’re looking to maximize your changes of finding flings online:

Avoid fling dating scams: You can’t get laid unless you’re talking to real women on real fling sites.
Avoid fling online dating scams by following these simple tips for spotting fraud websites.
Create the perfect dating profile: Profile tips that work well!
Learn to create a dating profile no women can resist for use on fling online dating websites.
Your fling site profile picture: What pictures get the BEST results!
Do you know which profile pictures bets attract women on online dating sites? Learn which ones get he best results for finding flings online!
Our best strategy: How to use multiple fling dating sites to find flings quicker!
Our most effective tactic for finding flings – using multiple online fling dating sites for maximum effect.
Avoiding female scammers: How to spot FAKE fling online dating profiles quickly!
Scam-proof your dating life. Learn of the most common fake profile scams on fling internet dating websites.
Get laid quickly: Spotting women looking for revenge lays!
The easiest way to get laid online is by knowing how to spot easy women on fling dating websites.
Your first email: Examples of first emails that get results.
Learn which emails to send to women to get the best chances of getting a response back.
First date tips: From date to fling & how to make it happen.
Tips for having a successful first date. Learn secret tactics that ensure you get laid.


How to Find a Fling Online: Women Are Looking for Sex Just as Much as Men

Society has forced women to hide their sexuality. When a dude bangs a bunch of skanks, he’s a stud. When a woman openly admits to fucking random guys, she’s a whore. That doesn’t mean women aren’t after the cock just as much as men are after the pussy. Sex feels good and it’s fun to men and women. Because of how society perceives women that want a booty call, they’re forced to keep their sex life a secret. When you bang a hottie, the very first thing you’re going to do is brag to all of your friends. Women are different. They have sex and don’t tell a soul unless they have a close friend they know they can trust.

Therefore, women tend to take their act to the Internet. And why not? Online dating is a convenient place to hookup with random strangers. The only other options for a woman is to go to a bar and get laid or hookup with someone within their social group. It’s more discreet online, so this has become the most popular place for women to look for a fling.

We know what you’re thinking – only fat chicks use the Internet to get laid? 8 years ago, you would have been right. But times have changed. The fat chicks are still looking for sex online. However, so are the hotties. Again, it’s a convenient way to get laid. No need for her to get all dolled up and go out to the bar and dealing with complete douchebags. So how do you have flings with girls online?

Read Our Guide On How To Use Online Dating To Have a Fling!

We wrote a guide on how to have a fling for men that are horrible with women. It’s not a guide that will help you if you’re looking for a long-term relationship in the traditional sense. But it certainly will get you laid consistently with ATTRACTIVE women – not fatties, desperate chicks, or butt ugly whores. Well, you could use the advice to impress those women too but why would you?

This guide has everything you need to know to get laid. It doesn’t matter who you are, what you look like, or what your background is. You could be the hottest guy in town, an average guy, or look like a fucking Troll and this guide on how to find a fling online will work. There is much more to our guide than just advice on attracting women. We also teach you where to actually meet women.

You shouldn’t bother with most fling websites. The majority of them are total scams or the women are so nasty that you could never get it up for them. So we’ll send you to the right places to meet attractive women in your area. But most of all, we’re going to teach you the specific, proven methods we’ve been using the past few years to attract women online. These methods have been tested countless times by men that are probably similar to you.

Your options right now for getting laid are limited. That’s why you need to read this guide. You wouldn’t be here right now if you weren’t desperate to get laid. We’re not judging you or looking down upon you because you need advice on having a fling. But we know that you’re either unsure of where to go to get sex or how to get laid or both. If you don’t follow the advice taught in this guide, there’s a 99% chance you’ll continue going without sex. We know this because we once were in your shoes. We went years without having much sex because we didn’t know how to get it.

Once we figured out how to get it regularly, our lives were a trillion times more enjoyable. Going without sex sucks. We would know! So why continue doing what you’re doing when you now have ALL the information you need to get laid at your disposal? What do you have to lose by reading our guide? It’s free and doesn’t take too long to read. The tips and tactics we teach work. If they work for us, they can work for anyone. They WILL work for you. So don’t spend another day of frustration because you can’t get laid, and read this guide on how to have flings with girls NOW!