The Difference Between Lying to Her and Being Completely Full of Shit

If you’ve had a chance to read through our fling dating guide, you know where we stand on honesty with women online. We mentioned how you should NOT be completely honest about your life style to women. The reason for that is women on fling websites are looking for a specific fantasy. Not very many of us actually are that fantasy. Therefore, it’s good strategy to fudge the truth a bit.

For example, let’s say you’re just an Average Joe. You work a lame 9-5 job, come home, cook dinner, lay down on the couch while watching some Netflix, go to bed, and do it all over the next day. Maybe once every couple of weeks you get real fucking wild and crazy and go out to Applebee’s for dinner with your Dad. I’m here to tell you this is not an exciting life style. There’s nothing wrong with your life. Hell, that’s pretty much how the majority of my adult life has gone. It’s just not interesting enough for women to want to fantasize about fucking you.

Dating scams

Dating scams

When you’re chatting with chicks online, you have to lie about certain things. But there is a fine line you should not cross between lying and being completely full of shit. If your story isn’t believable, she’ll know you’re a liar and won’t have sex with you. So it’s crucial to tell a believable story. That means you better know your shit just in case she grills you on it. For example, if you claim to be a Professional Poker Player, you better actually know something about the game of poker. She might ask you some questions about the game. Or, she might be a poker player too. So do some research on the subject if need be.

Have sex

Have sex

Comparing “Full of Shit” Versus “Believable Lie”

Believable Lie: “I am a Professional Poker Player”

Full of Shit: “I won the World Series of Poker Main Event last year”

Believable Lie: “I travel to Europe twice per year”

Full of Shit: “I own a $4 million home in London”

Believable Lie: “I work as an Investment Banker for a major firm”

Full of Shit: “I am the CEO of an Investment Firm that is a Fortune 500 company”

Believable Lie:“I once dated the daughter of our current Governor”

Full of Shit:“ I once dated Paris Hilton and Britney Spears”

Anyway, you get the point…