Turning Her From a One-Night Stand to a Regular Booty Call: Secret Tactics

It’s always nice to get laid, especially when she’s good in bed. But it’s even better when you get it from her on a regular basis. Some women on fling websites are ONLY looking for a one-time fling and will not do you again under any circumstances. It’s best to avoid these women unless you’re very desperate to get laid. One-night stand chicks are super easy to get down their pants and super easy to spot. Just look for these signs…

  • She mentions to you that she wants to get back at her boyfriend for cheating on her.
  • She specifically mentions she’s ONLY looking for a one-night stand.
  • She makes comments about how she’s tired of men treating her like shit and now wants to get some revenge.

Like I said, I suggest avoiding one-night stand chicks and go for the regular booty calls. However, even if she WANTS more than just a one-night stand, you aren’t guaranteed to get anything more. If you don’t treat her right and properly please her, she won’t be coming back for second’s. Guaranteeing an ongoing sexual relationship starts from the very instant you meet her.

You can start sexual relationship with women

You can start sexual relationship with women

Let’s say you’re a very boring conversation and have absolutely no game. You might get lucky and work your way into her pants that night simply because she’s really horny. But the relationship won’t last. She’ll fuck you once and never speak to you again, even if you’re good in bed. Some women make up their minds when they leave for a fling date that they’re going to put out that night even if they’re not into you. Keeping her around for the long-haul requires you immediately show her you have an interesting personality.

You can find Fling date

You can find Fling date

I’m not a Sex Coach but here is how to satisfy a woman…

I’m not about to go into graphic detail on how to eat pussy, sexual positions women love, and how to cure premature ejaculation. These are things you learn with practice. The premature ejaculation thing most likely requires seeing a Doctor. But I can share with you important ways to keep every woman satisfied in the bed. No matter how interesting your personality is, if you don’t please her sexually she won’t want to continue the relationship. Try these tips…

 Sexual positions women love

Sexual positions women love

  • Work extremely hard to refrain from getting off before she does. It’s very selfish to finish before her. Let her get hers and then you can get yours. If she doesn’t get off, the sex wasn’t good enough.
  • Don’t be a pussy and go down on her until she cums. Give as much as you get. If she isn’t willing to return the favor, go find someone else. I don’t sleep with women that are selfish and I wouldn’t expect them to sleep with me if I were selfish.
  • Cuddle with her after sex. Yeah, I know you just want to get up and leave but you can’t do that if you want to see her again.
  • Compliment her a lot about how amazing she is in bed. Tell her that she’s the best lay you’ve ever had even if it’s not true.

3 Types of Guys Women Won’t Sleep With

Every woman has a “type”. Just because you aren’t exactly her type doesn’t mean she won’t sleep with you. Some women are willing to settle in order to get laid. Others become attracted to different types of men that are able to charm them. But every respectable woman (so, not complete slutty, shallow whores that think their shit don’t stink) that’s worth sleeping with can agree on one thing – they won’t have any sort of relationship with these types of men…

The Bad Boy That Treats Women Like Dirt

I know what you’re thinking. You see women going for Bad Boys all the time. I do too. These women are STUPID, insecure, and lousy in bed. They aren’t worth your time. The women that are worth your time would never go for a complete asshole that treats women like shit. At best, a douchebag is going to get a one-night stand with a chick because of his looks. But he’ll never get anything more with any respectable female. Women like a man with an edge. Don’t confuse having an edge with being an asshole. Immature girls go for assholes, real women go for guys that are worth a shit.

The Bad Boy

The Bad Boy

The Nice Guy That Will Do Anything for a Woman

The complete opposite of an asshole is a nice guy. And a nice guy has even LESS of a chance of getting laid. I’m not suggesting you shouldn’t be nice to a woman, but being too nice is not attractive. Women USE nice guys, but not for sex. They use them to get what they want outside the bedroom. For example, they’ll use a nice guy to give them a ride over to their not-so nice boyfriend’s house. Women find that nice guy’s are great to have around as friends. But not so much as fuck buddies. Nice guys are seen as weak by women. A woman wants a strong man that will pound her pussy so hard she can’t walk for days. Since a nice guy isn’t seen as a strong man, she’ll assume he’s boring in bed. Women assume your personality indicates the type of man you are in the bedroom.

Woman wants a strong man for sex

Woman wants a strong man for sex

The Guy That Is More Boring Than Mitt Romney

The 2012 Presidential campaign would have been more entertaining if Mitt Romney had any semblance of a fucking personality. It’s hard to vote for a guy that puts you to sleep when he talks, just like it’s hard for a woman to want to jump into a bed with this type of guy. Personality really does matter – a lot – when trying to find hookups. Your personality tells women the type of lay you will be, even if it’s not true. It’s an assumption every woman will make about you. That is exactly why I’m in favoring of doing a little BS’ing on your profile and in the conversations you have with women.

My Fling Website Profile Example That Drove Women Crazy

I need to put a disclaimer out there before showing you my profile. Please do NOT copy and paste this word for word. If too many people are copying it, you will get caught! Make a few minor changes to it so some chick doesn’t end up viewing the same profile twice. With that said, the following profile is an exact copy of one I have used on a few fling websites. As you know, I am all about creating a persona that is not necessarily me because I’m not interesting enough to attract women. So what you see in this profile isn’t exactly “me” – it’s my fling website personality. And it’s a similar personality that you should adopt because this profile is nails…

Description Section

“I’m not the type to beat around the bush. We’re all here for the same thing – sex. But that’s not the only thing on my mind. You see, there’s more to me than just being able to make a woman cum. Sure, that’s a skill every woman reading this desires in a man. But I want to actually get to know you OUTSIDE the bedroom before we make our way to my comfortable King Size bed located in my parents basement. Just kidding (not about the bed, however).

Your personality is as important to me as your boobs, booty, and legs. I may be one of those ‘different’ guys, but I get turned on by a woman that can make me laugh, will laugh at my stupid jokes, and actually is an interesting conversation. You’re going to have to talk your way into my bed. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not looking to discuss World Literature or challenge you to a Jeopardy duel. Although, if those things do interest you, I may oblige. But I do wish to find a woman that is as good with her mind as she is with her body.”

Your personality is as important to me as your boobs, booty, and legs

Your personality is as important to me as your boobs, booty, and legs

Interests Section

“If you asked every person that knows me what I like to do for fun, you’d get a different answer from each of them. I’m sure 90% of the profiles on here are of dudes that claim they are ‘outgoing’. To most of them, ‘outgoing’ consists of beer, bars, and video games. To me, ‘outgoing’ is my way of life. I really do have a plethora of interests. I’m all over the map, you could say.

My hobbies consist of everything from sex to mountain climbing to traveling with my crazy Uncle Mike to Europe (twice a year). Something about spending 2 weeks every 6 months getting wasted with Euros and my drunken Uncle is tons of fun. My biggest hobby is my job. It doesn’t consume my life by any means, but I very much enjoy what I do and wouldn’t change my occupation for anything right now. I don’t want to say it’s the job I dreamed of having when I was a kid, but I have no complaints. Oh, and I’m quite fond of satisfying women too!”

Sexual relationship

Sexual relationship

A List of Questions You Should Ask EVERY Girl You Chat With Online

It’s not possible to know everything about a woman you’re chatting with online via emails and IM’s. However, it’s critical to get as much information out of her as you can. The reason for that is you need to find out what she’s all about, what her intentions are, and the type of person she is. Here is a list of questions to ask and what to look for in her answer…

What are you looking for out of this site?”

Good Answer: “My sex life is lacking and I need to find a man that knows how to please a woman.”

Bad Answer: “I’m really not sure. Just having some fun.”

What is your current relationship situation?”

Good Answer: “I’m 100% and free to do whatever I want!”

Bad Answer: “I have a boyfriend that I love but I want to get back at him for cheating on me with some fat ho.”

What kind of guys are you usually attracted to?”

Good Answer: “I like all types of guys. I’m not picky. As long as they know how to please a woman, I’m down.”

Bad Answer: “I tend to go for the Bad Boy types, big muscles, and rock solid abs are my thing. Yummy!”

Are you currently hooking up with anyone else?”

Good Answer: “Nope, I’m completely unattached.”

Bad Answer: “I have a couple of guys that I hook up with.”

If we start hooking up, what is your schedule like?”

Good Answer: “I work during the day but I’m usually free at nights and on the weekends.”

Bad Answer: “I am working 2 jobs right now to pay the bills, have my kids in the evening and every other weekend, and go to Church on Sundays. I’m a pretty busy woman right now.”

Top 3 Turnoffs for Women Looking for a Fling

If you expect to get laid, you must impress her on a first date. Women are easily turned off. Shallow women are turned off by any man that doesn’t have a perfect appearance. But hopefully you aren’t trying to attract these skanks because they don’t deserve your cock. Most women just want a man that presents himself well (understandable). Showing up for a date unprepared physically will assure you of NOT getting laid.

Look your best, feel your best, impress her. That’s the motto you need to live by. Before going out, make sure your hair is styled perfectly, your outfit is looking good, and you don’t have any shit on your teeth. There are many things you can do in order to turn her off such as talking with your mouth full of food, calling her a dirty whore, whipping your dick out in public (unless she’s an exhibitionist), flirting with other women, etc. But the 3 biggest turnoffs are…

 You must impress her on a first date

You must impress her on a first date

Having bad hygiene

Your chances of getting laid will be over the very instant she meets you if you have poor hygiene. This is the absolute biggest turn-off for women. Like I said, you don’t have to be the best looking guy. You just have to show her that you take care of yourself. Having poor hygiene is a sign of a man that just doesn’t give a shit about his appearance. If your teeth are stained, you have horrible acne, and you smell like dog shit, why on earth would any woman want to get naked with you? Take care of yourself and stay clean!

Texting your friends

Sending texts to your friends is a great idea if you are on a date with a chick you’re not into. You will annoy her and she’ll never want to see you again. But if you actually want to get in this chick’s pants, texting on a date is a bad idea. Better yet, keep your phone in your pocket on silent the entire time. Sending text messages to friends shows you’re either not into her or refuse to give her your full attention. It’s very rude and any guy that plays with their phone while on a date doesn’t deserve to get laid.

You can send texts to your friends is a great idea if you are on a date

You can send texts to your friends is a great idea if you are on a date

Bragging about yourself

Having confidence and being proud of who you are is a good thing. Bragging about how amazing you are is NOT. Women are turned off by men that are way too into themselves. Besides, you should allow her plenty of opportunity to speak. Don’t go on and on about how awesome you are. Be confident but don’t brag. Let her decide for herself if you’re all that.