Coming to Grips With Reality: The REAL Reasons You Aren’t Getting Laid

The fact of the matter is I used to be really bad with women. I went extended periods of time without getting laid and used every excuse in the books. However, the excuses I made were nothing but a bunch of bullshit. I wasn’t getting laid because I sucked with women and not because I wasn’t Prince Charming or wealthy. When guys aren’t getting laid, they look for excuses. It can’t possibly be your own fault, can it? You were just born unlucky, right? WRONG!

You can control how often you get laid and by how attractive the women are. You may have a low percentage chance of banging the absolute hottest women in town, but there’s NO reason you can’t get with some very attractive ladies. I don’t need to see a picture of you or look at a copy of your bank statement. You have the tools to get laid. But before you can learn those tools, you must come to grips with the REAL reasons chicks aren’t begging for your cock. Read through this list of reasons. Chances are you’re making AT LEAST one of these mistakes…

Find more Hottest women

Find more Hottest women

You seem too nice

Women just aren’t attracted to overly nice guys. They don’t fantasize about fucking someone they can push around. They want a strong man that stands up for himself because they find that sex. A nice guy represents a weak man. A weak man represents a lame ass in bed.

You can  find that sex

You can find that sex

You’re not attractive

This is where most guys fail with women. You have to be attractive in some way for a woman to want to fuck you. There has to be something sexy about you physically. It may be a handsome face (if you’re lucky). It could be a well toned body (start working out). Or it could be a well-dressed man (improve your wardrobe). Most women don’t need the perfect looking man. They just want someone that has something physically to offer. And for each woman, that something is different.

You have horrible B.O.

If you smell like shit, even the fat chicks won’t want to fuck you. A man that smells nice is very sexy. Women love cologne – just not too much of it. You don’t have to spend a lot for decent cologne. You can get some cheaper bottles of cologne for reasonable prices. And make sure you shower, put on deodorant and brush your teeth before a date. No woman will want to kiss you if your breath smells like dog shit.

You seem to easily attainable

Women love a challenge. You need to make it seem like you have other options even if you really don’t. Women are attracted to men that other women find attractive. Don’t make her think you’re a manwhore, however. Just convince her that she’s not your only option. So don’t always be available to her when she calls or texts. Don’t always respond right away to her texts and emails. Responding instantly makes you appear to have nothing else going on in your life. That’s not attractive.

Women are attracted to men that other women find attractive

Women are attracted to men that other women find attractive