A List of Questions You Should Ask EVERY Girl You Chat With Online

It’s not possible to know everything about a woman you’re chatting with online via emails and IM’s. However, it’s critical to get as much information out of her as you can. The reason for that is you need to find out what she’s all about, what her intentions are, and the type of person she is. Here is a list of questions to ask and what to look for in her answer…

What are you looking for out of this site?”

Good Answer: “My sex life is lacking and I need to find a man that knows how to please a woman.”

Bad Answer: “I’m really not sure. Just having some fun.”

What is your current relationship situation?”

Good Answer: “I’m 100% and free to do whatever I want!”

Bad Answer: “I have a boyfriend that I love but I want to get back at him for cheating on me with some fat ho.”

What kind of guys are you usually attracted to?”

Good Answer: “I like all types of guys. I’m not picky. As long as they know how to please a woman, I’m down.”

Bad Answer: “I tend to go for the Bad Boy types, big muscles, and rock solid abs are my thing. Yummy!”

Are you currently hooking up with anyone else?”

Good Answer: “Nope, I’m completely unattached.”

Bad Answer: “I have a couple of guys that I hook up with.”

If we start hooking up, what is your schedule like?”

Good Answer: “I work during the day but I’m usually free at nights and on the weekends.”

Bad Answer: “I am working 2 jobs right now to pay the bills, have my kids in the evening and every other weekend, and go to Church on Sundays. I’m a pretty busy woman right now.”