Why Best-Fling-Sites.com Exists

You might be wondering who we are and why we created this site. So we’ll answer both questions to clear some things up. First, we’ll explain who we are NOT. We are NOT relationship/dating experts. Nor are we sex coaches. We’re probably the last people you should come to for advice on how to have a happy marriage or what penis enlargement pills work best. We’re simply a group of 5 guys that know how to attract pretty ladies online and convince them to spread their legs for us.

If you need marriage counseling or advice on how to get it up, try pulling out the local Yellow Pages or performing a different Google search. But make sure you keep this site bookmarked just in case your marriage doesn’t work out and you need a fuck buddy! We’ll hook you up with that. So why did we create Best-Fling-Sites.com? 3 Reasons…

  1. To give men that struggle to get laid some valuable advice they can’t receive elsewhere for free.
  2. To provide information on the best places to meet women online (top fling sites).
  3. To expose the many fling dating scams that men continually fall victim to.

If you performed a Google search for the phrase “fling websites”, you would have a choice of hundreds of different sites. So how do you know which ones are good? That’s why we’re here. You don’t have to just sign-up for random sites hoping it’s a good place to get laid. We’ve done all of the website testing necessary. We’ve found the good sites and the bad sites. You can read about all of them in our reviews sections. No, we haven’t reviewed EVERY fling website. We don’t need to. Most of the sites don’t have enough members to be taken seriously. So we reviewed the sites that were the most popular and had the most members.